Just a screenwriter by day and graphic designer by night trying to do french creative things ! Based in Paris ! Always made with heart (and Illustrator) in limited edition. Influenced by the cuteness of childhood icones and the foolishness of adulthood !

To resume ? ART!+FUN. Started in 2016 and enjoying to share with you.

Always searching for more high quality in the stuff I make all by myself, and trying to find beautiful and crazy ideas to make you smile, lough or even happy ! Pins to wear, stickers to invade all places, pieces of art to make a great gift to yourself or to a loved one !

Hope you enjoy just as much as I do ! :)

To entertain you is a pleasure and a real privilege.

Products available in french stores at :

Lavo//Matik20 Boulevard du Général d'Armée Jean Simon, 75013 Paris

Moule à Gaufres6 bis rue Croix de Bois, 45000 Orléans

Facts : 

Collaborated with Mighty Jaxx, Toctoc, Encre Mécanique, Bottleneck Gallery, Flower Chainz, BratBox, Jusdatlani, Shittty Stufff ... Always more to come !

◊ If have a problem with 'Contact', please send me an email through jucegaceoff@gmail.com